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Cashmere Ellipse Flat Lashes

What are Cashmere Lashes? Cashmere Ellipse Flat lashes are 60% lighter and darker than traditional round-based lash extensions.

These lashes have better retention than traditional lashes due to their flat bases and special application technique.


Used in classic, hybrid or volume sets we can create different looks from natural to full glam.


Darker, fuller with a more textured look than fluffy Russian sets you will love the look of cashmere ellipse!

Lash Extensions 

We Specialize in eyelash extensions that look natural, are long lasting and do not cause damage to your natural lashes.

We have a variety of thicknesses and curls available, using high quality silk or Cashmere Ellipse lashes.

We work with our client’s natural eye shape to create the perfect look.

A thorough consultation is carried out by your lash artist before your appointment where we will determine what style of lashes will be suitable for you.

 Expertly trained with years of experience and only using the safest application method you can be assured you are in safe hands and will love your new extensions!

Cashmere Ellipse Classics 

Cashmere Classic 2D $139
1 Hour 15 Mins 

This is a 2d set that is fuller and darker than a classic set but still natural looking.
Using our Cashmere lashes to create a natural but noticeable textured set that you will love!

Cashmere Ellipse Volume 

Medium 1 hour 30 mins  $169

Full Set 2 hours  $199

These are 2-6d sets that are customized to suit your natural lashes, creating full or medium volume.

For a medium fulness chose medium 1 hour 30mins or for full volume chose the full set 2 hours. 

Please note that the full 2 hours is the fullest looking set we have available, chose this set if you are wanting a mega volume look.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions 

Hybrid Light Set   $139
1hour 15mins

A Mix of classic and hand made volume lashes, creates a textured look offering both definition and density. Perfect for everyday wear.

Classic Eyelash Extensions 

Natural Classic Set  $129

1hour 15mins

A light and subtle look, 60-80 lashes per eye are individually applied to your natural lashes. 
Suitable for clients wanting a natural mascara look, one extension is applied to one natural lash. Weights of 0.12/0.15 or flat lashes are used depending on the health of your natural lashes. Available in a c curl (natural lift) Or D curl (stronger curl)

Lash Infills

We recommend that you have a infill every 2-3 weeks to keep your new extensions looking beautiful.

Our infills are based on time not the type of set you have had.

In the appointment your lashes will be cleaned, brushed, any out grown lashes will be removed and remaining gaps filled in.

You can also make any changes to your set at this time like curl/length/fullness.

If you are wanting a fuller set just book a longer appointment.

45mins infill  $90
60mins infill  $110
75mins infill  $130

90mins infill  $150

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