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   Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in waxing and absolutely love what they do.

Client comfort is super important to us at A Beauty Story, this is why we use the highest quality wax that has been tried and tested by us! This insures the best possible results and the most comfortable experience possible.

Hygiene is super important to us too, that is why you will never see any double dipping, there will always be soft disposable bed sheets on the beds and sanitation protocols will always be adhered to.


If it’s your first time with us your therapist will get you to fill in a consultation form.

Make sure you tell us if you are using any Vit A, retinol, or acids (glycolic, lactic, salicylic) ect

If you have had any problems with waxing in the past

About any allergies

Brazilian (Over 12 Weeks/First Time) $77

Your choice to have all off or leave a landing strip, the back is included.

Brazilian (6-12 Weeks) $70

It’s been 6-12 weeks since your last wax

Brazilian (Under 6 Weeks) $60

It’s been 6 weeks or under since your last wax

Bikini Tidy $32

Remove hair outside the underwear line

Extended Bikini $42

More than a bikini tidy, not as much as full Brazilian

Underarms $35

Both underarms waxed and tweezed to perfection

Lower Legs $54

Both legs waxed, includes knees, toes, and feet

Upper Legs $54

Both thighs waxed

Full Legs $79

Both legs waxed and tweezed, including upper thighs, toes, and feet

Forearms $40

Both forearms waxed including elbow, hands, and fingers

Full Arms $56

Both arms waxed, from fingers to the shoulder

Lip or Chin $22

Lip wax, or chin wax and tweeze

Lip & Chin $35

Both upper lip and chin waxed and tweezed

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